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[Sports Cards Analysis] NFL Sports Cards Market Week 3 Featuring Patrick Mahomes and Nick Foles

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I am very excited to share guest posts by Adam aka “prospectrus” on Instagram. Adam will share some timely quick and dirty analysis on the NFL sports cards market. If you are interested in contributing, please contact me.

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Hello all, my name is Adam and I love to buy, trade, and sell sports cards. I am very active on Instagram @prospectsrus. Please follow me as I show weekly pickups and post insights on the card market. I am also on Facebook as Adam Kriss and Youtube/eBay under prospectsrus. Each week I will be providing in game analysis of how the sports card market reacts during special player performances.

The NFL Sports Cards Market Weekly playBYplay by prospectsrus

In week 3, the NFL saw a few big performers. Today, we are going to focus on two quarterbacks; Patrick Mahomes and Nick Foles.

Patrick Mahomes crushed the Ravens on Sunday. Since the game started, about 700 buy it nows on eBay were sold. [Look for Patrick Mahomes rookie cards on eBay]

2017 panini prizm patrick mahomes rc
2017 panini prizm patrick mahomes rc

This sports cards market continues to show that even with Mahomes being the best quarterback in the NFL, a little reminder (for some) is never a bad thing even though we should not need it.

On the other end, Nick Foles jumped from the bench and played Superman again. With a ring already under his belt, around 330 buy it nows were sold on eBay after his big win. Before this, eBay would be lucky to have a few sales of Foles during any given day. [Look for Nick Foles rookie cards on eBay]

panini prizm nick foles
panini prizm nick foles

Two quarterbacks, one ring each.

What was your favorite week 3 performance? Whose cards would you choose?

OMG MY MONEY Editorial Opinion: hi all, every week as Adam provides his analysis, I will provide an op-ed piece to share my personal thoughts. This is not meant to be investment advice.

I personally missed the boat on Mahomes. Every time I think Mahomes cannot go any higher, Mahomes sets the sports card world on fire and I am incorrect once again and his cards keep climbing. It is to the point now that I have given up on acquiring Mahomes although I said the same about Giannis Antetokounmpo and ended up acquiring some of his 2013-14 auto rcs. I mean how could a player so young keep building on this momentum 5-10 years from now so that his card prices stay afloat. I always figured that his sports card price decline will happen much sooner rather than later, but proves me wrong literally every year.

Nick Foles on the other hand is a hard pass. I cashed out on Foles several years ago and have no intentions of investing in a Bears QB. If he makes another run at the Super Bowl, then I will be the first to say, I was wrong. The risk is too high and there are literally hundreds of better investments than Foles.

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