bad financial habits

8 Biggest Money Habits to Stop Right Now

What are some of your financial habits you stopped? I am guilty of many of the common financial habits listed in this post. I have used the word “try” so many times in my 20s and even up until I started this personal finance blog back in May (2018). I was inspired by posts made by Cash Money Life, Money Crashers, and The Balance. Here are my 8 biggest financial habits to stop now Not holding…

secrets to early retirement

The 7 Best Secrets to Retire Early

If you have not yet retired, what are some money secrets you follow to strive for your goal of retiring early? If you retired early, what are some of your favorite money secrets to retire early? Early retirement is not something I ever, ever considered before this year. As I started to create this personal finance blog and posting more, I inevitably started to write down goals. One of those posts was completing my first…

financial swot analysis

My First SWOT Financial Strengths and Weaknesses Analysis

This post is inspired by my day job and also a blog post I came across. By day I am a full time digital marketer and one of the market analysis that I have completed is a SWOT analysis. Investopedia has a good overview of what this is in the context of why a company would complete such an analysis. I also know of entrepreneurs who want to start a business and end up completing…

biggest debt traps

11 Biggest Debt Traps

What are some of the biggest debt traps? The word debt is about as cringe worthy as it gets. I am certainly caught in some of these debt traps. This post is inspired by this 2 Cents Lifehacker article.I hope many of you are in the process of getting out any of these 11 debt traps. Here are the 11 biggest money debt traps Student loans (government/federal loans or private loans) – I know all…

top easy money saving rules

My 9 Top Money Saving Rules

What are your favorite top money rules that you (try to) follow? I referenced blog posts from NerdWallet, The Simple Dollar, and The Practical Saver to create my top money rules. My 9 top money rules Pay yourself first – a lot of the financial gurus, ninjas, influencers preach this. Whether you work a traditional 9-5 like I do or work for yourself through your own business, set aside a percentage of your income and throw…

side hustling

My Favorite 5 Side Hustles to Make Extra Income

What side hustles do you do currently to make extra income? I’d love to know what others are doing. I have been looking into a few other side hustles to make extra income. Despite making a 6 figure income and having no family to support, I feel like I should be using my idle time more wisely. Here are 5 side hustles I am taking more seriously for extra income Buy and resell – currently…

personal finance guilty pleasures

Confessions of a Money Moron My Top 4 Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Whether you are struggling financially and living off paycheck to paycheck or a self professed financial guru, ninja, influencer. What are your biggest guilty pleasures? Here are my top 4 guilty pleasures Funding my side hustle – the problem here is I was attempting to fund my side hustle through my side hustle fund, but I am not selling enough of the inventory so part of my paycheck goes towards funding…

financial literacy

5 Financial Literacy Money Lessons I Wish I Learned When I Was A Teenager

If you are a parent, what are some money lessons you have shared to help improve your child’s financial literacy? In college terms, let’s say I was entering “Financial Literacy 101” in my mid to late 20’s. I feel like I then graduated to Financial Literacy 201 in my early 30’s and now late-30’s. I hope for the sake of your children that you start Financial Literacy 101 before your child enters high school or…

taking the car vs taking the train

I Am a Money Moron with My Monthly Transportation Expenses

Cue Usher’s “Confessions” melody….these are my confessions….for being a money moron to this day. I live in a city that is extremely public transportation friendly meaning if you live or travel into the city (even as far out as 1-1.5 hours away in the suburbs), then the majority of the public will take the train. I have this thing against public transportation (buses, trains). I think this started when I had to take the bus…

bucket list

What Is on My Bucket List

Very interested to know what is on your bucket list. Here are mine: Financial Bucket List Get promoted by 2020 to a higher VP level. I currently make 6 figures at my full time job as a VP, Digital Marketing and I am motivated to eventually become SVP within 5 years Pay off my $34K student loan debt by June 2019 Contribute 20% of my income to my company’s 401K/Roth consistently after I pay off my…

ebay logo

One of the Best Ways to Get An Extra Income

What are your favorite side hustling gigs? I would love to explore new side hustle ideas outside of ebay or similar resell ideas. I have a side gig of buying and selling sports trading cards. Well, it is not so much a gig as it is a hobby. Here too is another money moron mistake I am making to this day. I get attached to my sports cards because it reminds me of the 90’s…

big ten logo

Why I Am Happy I Chose to Attend An Out of State Big 10 University

As a self professed money moron (I was and partially still am), attending an out of state college was one of my biggest financial regrets. It would not be a blog without the flipside, right? I try not to be such a negative person and when it comes to finance, you have to think beyond what happened in the past. The financial mistakes I have made in the past are sunk costs so I can…

student loan debt

Getting Motivated to Accelerate Paying off My Student Loan Debt

In my 20’s I ignored my massive student loan debt and eventually went into default. One of the worst possible things financially you can do. I went into default only a few years out of college. This is the reason I started this personal finance blog. For cringeworthy money moron moments, give the post a look for a quick rundown of my financial mistakes. I experienced credit cards getting cancelled, paying a crazy interest rate on car…

real estate investing podcast logo

Real Estate Investing Podcast Recommendations

This post lists some of my podcast recommendations on: Real Estate Real Estate Investing Unlike the personal investing or personal finance podcast recommendations, I have not found as many well respected real estate podcasts. Let me know if you have suggestions. I spend a lot of time passive listening and active listening to podcasts, so expect my recommendations to be updated. Real estate is something that I am just getting into so I expect to…

big 10 conference logo

Why I Regret Going to An Out of State Big 10 University

Let me start off by saying that my regret going to a four year Big 10 college is my own doing because I was a money moron. Looking back to high school when I was coming up with a list of 4 year colleges, all I knew is I wanted to experience living on my own and to get a good undergraduate degree in Marketing. Notice anything missing from my thought process? I did not…

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