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[Update December 2019] I decided to refocus this blog in order to help my fellow sports cards enthusiasts be more educated in personal finance.  The content will still include personal finance related topics and will have more sports cards related content.

Hey there, thanks for visiting my personal finance blog. I created this website to hold myself accountable, help others, and share personal experiences on my journey to financial independence.

I was a money moron.

100% of the mistakes or decisions I made was on me. I paid for it in several ways including my credit score dropping significantly…plummeting(!), delaying my retirement contributions by a minimum 5 years, and overpaying on loans (high interest rate on car leases).

So who am I?

I am in my officially =( late 30’s and graduated from a Big 10 school in marketing as an out of state student. I’m one of the lucky few to have continued a career for which I studied. That said, attending an out of state school should be a hint to one of my many money moron moments.

I currently have a full time job for which I have a legitimate passion for as VP, Digital Marketing for a large company.

What are some of my major money moron moments?

  • I went to an out of state school and funded my education 100% on both private and federal loans
  • During school, I never worked so by the time I graduated, I had a nice chunk of student loan debt to pay off
  • After graduating, I was making real money so of course, I had to spend every cent literally living paycheck to paycheck
  • I got so overwhelmed with my student loan debt that I started making payments late….which eventually led to defaulting on all my student loans
  • My FICO credit score plummeted
  • Despite these series of events, I leased cars in which the lease payments were much more than I could afford including an Infiniti in which monthly payments were near $650. My money factor (aka my interest rate) was extremely high, but I just had to have that high end coupe
  • I continued living paycheck to paycheck throughout my 20’s despite earning 6 figures
  • Due to my lifestyle, I felt like I couldn’t afford to contribute to my 401k despite the companies I worked for offering generous company match
  • What are some of the stuff that I bought? Mostly I leased nice cars, bought high end designer clothing and shoes (Ferragamo’s were my brand of choice), and bought sports cards (a few that I still have to this day and have luckily appreciated more than the S&P 500 during that span)

But then my mindset shifted after listening to a personal finance podcast on a whim

I immediately started paying off my student loan debt aggressively and started aggressively contributing to my pre and post tax IRA and 401k.

What do I expect out of this blog?

  • Continue learning from others
  • Share knowledge
  • Encourage others
  • Hold myself accountable

What topics should you expect out of this blog?

  • Personal finance related posts and my experience
  • My side hustles or passion areas including digital marketing, buying and selling especially sports cards, and real estate
  • Experiences I go through at work including leadership, coaching, mentoring, and interviewing

You should expect to see affiliate links, ads, and sponsored posts. Please do excuse the ads.

All that said I hope you find this blog helpful.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Very nice to e-meet you! Just stumbled across your blog and been enjoying it…. It’s a unique mixture of a $$$ and cards blog – something you don’t see often (ever??) 🙂

    1. likewise, an honor to meet you =) originally this blog was the like the millions of other personal finance blogs and in a way it is, but decided last year to pivot a bit to focus on a mixture of personal finance and sports cards. i have purposely stay away from the sports cards investment recommendation hype that is now too prevalent in the hobby. i was inspired by the many young collectors and entrepreneurs in the hobby i love and realizing if i had known even an ounce of knowledge i have now, i would be better off financially 1000x now.

      1. Totally! It also makes you more real and personal yourself, which of course is the foundation of blogging, so it was a great call! Looking forward to reading more! 🙂

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