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Real Estate Investing Podcast Recommendations

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This post lists some of my podcast recommendations on:

  • Real Estate
  • Real Estate Investing

Unlike the personal investing or personal finance podcast recommendations, I have not found as many well respected real estate podcasts. Let me know if you have suggestions. I spend a lot of time passive listening and active listening to podcasts, so expect my recommendations to be updated.

Real estate is something that I am just getting into so I expect to discover lots more real estate books and podcasts in the near future.

When I subscribe to a podcast, I listen to as far back as possible. If podcasts have their first episode available to listen, then I start there. For some podcasts, they removed early episodes.

Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts

  • BiggerPockets by Josh Dorkin and Brandon Turner – huge social community focusing on real estate investing. Love how they do not make assumptions about where the reader might be in the real estate investing phase. For example, I am still in the beginning stages of learning and both Josh and Brandon will take a step back and either review the steps again or ask the guest to start as if listeners have no idea. I have taken notes listening to this podcast.
  • Other real estate investing podcasts on my subscribed list are The Real Estate Guys and The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast. I started listening to Bigger Pockets from its very first episode so it might be a little while before I get to any other real estate investing podcast.

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