Sports Cards Podcast Recommendations

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sports cards podcast recommendations

This post lists some of my favorite and best sports cards podcast.

As I started to niche my blog to cover my passions in personal finance and sports cards, I expanded my podcast listening into sports cards.

You can check my list of real estate podcast recommendations and personal finance recommendations.

When I subscribe to a podcast, I listen to as far back as possible. If podcasts have their first episode available to listen, then I start there. For some podcasts, they removed early episodes.

This means I have listened to EVERY SINGLE one of these podcasts from episode 1 if available. If you have a sports card podcast and you would like me to add an official bio, please contact me.

Best Sports Cards Podcasts

  • About The Cards – by @aboutthecards on Instagram and Twitter. Covers a variety of topics, all sports, new releases, and interviews. Personally I like the variety and the natural back and forth between the guests and hosts. That said I skip a chunk of each episode because I just do not care about new releases or reviews of recent releases.
  • Breaker Culture by @breakerculture on Twitter and Instagram. Tends to be more niche focusing on group breaking and pricing ladders. Topics have shifted to broader sports cards topics, which I welcome. The analytics game has been stepped up and that is my favorite part of any sports card podcast.
  • House of Jordans by @chris_hoj on Instagram and @houseofjordans on Twitter. I had to give this one a second listen. Early on its podcast life, the episodes were way too long at 2-3+ hours and too niche for me, but since then I have enjoyed the broadening of basketball topics. They do one of the best jobs of looking at sports cards analytically. There is next level and then there is NEXT level. Podcast has improved a lot since the earlier episodes. I am glad I gave it a second chance.
  • Lemme Get That Podagraph by @lgtpodagraph on Instagram and @lgtppodcast on Twitter. I consider this another staple in the sports cards podcast industry and a must listen. Variety of topics, knows how to have a natural back and forth with the guests, and insightful.
  • Mojobreak Sports Card Show by @mojobreak_com on Instagram and Twitter. Tends to focus on the breaking industry with product reviews, which I typically fast forward, but I think they have one of the most insightful takes on the reviews probably because of how much they break.
  • OMG My Money by @omgmymoney and @whatcards on Instagram – I cover my passions in personal finance, side hustling, and sports cards.
  • Sports Card Investor by @sportscardinvestor on Instagram and @sportscardinv on Twitter. As someone interested in personal finance and sports cards, this podcast is right up my alley. It is one of the most informative and one of my favorite sports cards podcasts. Just be mindful of some of the content that you might want to ignore such as buying into some of the cards mentioned on some of the episodes.
  • Wax Museum by @waxmuseumpodcast on Instagram and @waxmuseumpc on Twitter. Tends to be more niche on basketball, but is one of the more insightful sports cards podcasts. If there is a controversy in the hobby, this podcast will cover it diligently. Outside of discussing any controversies, the hobby history lesson that sometimes this podcast will provide is well researched.
  • Wax Pack Hero by @waxpackhero on Instagram and @themikesommer on Twitter. Hits on a variety of topics through interviews and sports cards advice. The focus on the personal experience on each episode is welcomed.