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Why I Am Happy I Chose to Attend An Out of State Big 10 University

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As a self professed money moron (I was and partially still am), attending an out of state college was one of my biggest financial regrets. It would not be a blog without the flipside, right?

I try not to be such a negative person and when it comes to finance, you have to think beyond what happened in the past. The financial mistakes I have made in the past are sunk costs so I can only learn from them and not make the same dumb mistakes again.


  1. I became more open minded. Broadened my horizon. I went from a very diverse area to the midwest where I had the bias that the midwest was not as diverse.
  2. I became comfortable being independent. Yes, I was super homesick, but I also ended up staying in the midwest for 5+ years after graduating.
  3. I was practically guaranteed a job…..in the midwest. I am one of the lucky few to have graduated with Business Management degree with a concentration in Marketing and to continue to stay in the Marketing field. I evolved from focusing on direct mail to now loving my role as a VP, Digital Marketing for a Fortune 500.
  4. I was forced to be financial literate because of the massive student loan debt. Albeit my financial education came after I was awarded a massive student loan debt upon college graduation, went into default, and paid the price for years and years.

I am thankful for the education. I can say I have a college graduate degree. I can say I have been in the marketing field thanks to my education.

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