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This page is updated to share quick and dirty quotables that I come across.

Quotable topics will include:

  • Personal finance
  • General investing
  • Real estate investing
  • Business leadership
  • Management (people management)
  • Critical thinking

I will attribute quotes as I hear them during my podcast or audiobook binge. I take no ownership in creating these quotes. These are simply notes turned into quotables.


Business Management Quotables

  • Richard Branson’s principles. “1) just do it 2) have fun 3) be bold 4) live in the moment 5) do some good” (TWEET THIS QUOTABLE)
  • Pay attention to the 3 C’s of leadership. “1) be calm 2) be competent 3) be consistent” (TWEET THIS QUOTABLE)
  • “Don’t take a no from someone who can’t give you a yes” (TWEET THIS QUOTABLE)
  • “Never ever work with a person who says they have plenty of time” –  this concept is basically saying that if a person has plenty of time, then they will not get anything done. (TWEET THIS QUOTABLE)

Investing and Personal Finance Quotables

  • Richard Branson – “Money is there to create things” (TWEET THIS QUOTABLE)
  • Warren Buffet – “Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving” (TWEET THIS QUOTABLE)

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