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omg my money featured on sites and blogs

Thank you to those who have reached out. I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in the following sites and blogs. I’m always open to conversations. Best way to reach me is to use the contact me page or reach out on social.

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omg my money featured in us news feature about defaulting on $77,000 in student loans
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I was contacted through the OMG My Money Twitter account after posting that I had fully paid off my $77,000 student loans after defaulting.

After a few back and forths, we decided that it would be different to talk about why I keep my identity anonymous. When I first started this site to document my debt payoff journey, it was a given that I would not reveal my identity for a multitude of reasons primarily based on sensitive information. As I was emailing the writer back and forth, our conversation forced me to think back and reflect. I really liked how the article turned out.

Why I remain anonymous and kept my student loan debt a secret

Some snippets:

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