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My 3 Year Financial Plan

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three year financial plan

I have to admit, the older I get the less I want to think about long term plans. Similar to how I have been thinking about how the next Olympics is X years away and how old I will be. I am getting closer to the big 4-0, which is crazy to think about. Back in high school I used to think 30 was old. Well I am in my mid-30s now and it does not help that a summer intern I had mentioned recently during lunch that she “was 7 in 2005”. Gee…thanks.

Reluctantly I will to write down my 3 year financial plan because writing down goals is how you achieve them, right? Right??

OMG My Money’s 3 year financial plan


  • Pay down 1/2 my remaining $20,000 student loan debt (down from $77,000)
  • Enroll in a part time MBA program – my company pays for $20,000 per year and the program I would like to attend will require me to pay an additional $60K total. I have forecasted that this additional debt will take 12 months to pay off through my salary from my full time job and through my side hustle of buying and selling sports cards.
  • Continue looking at my first investment property – I am currently taking a 2 month break after my failed first attempt at buying a house


  • Career wise I am going to continue developing my soft skills (leadership, communication, managing up) to help me prepare for a higher VP level at my company
  • My annual bonus is 5 figures so I will use my bonus to pay off debt – my debts will include the remaining amount on my current student loan debt and my future part time MBA student loan debt
  • Buy my first investment property – I have a feeling that the rest of 2018 will be focused on looking at properties and 2019 will be THE year
  • Travel – somewhere perhaps Hawaii (never been) or abroad


  • Yikes. Now it starts to get weird for me. I am getting closer to the big 4-0. Get closer to finishing my part time MBA
  • Continue saving and getting closer to being completely debt free including the amount owed for the part time MBA program
  • Travel – do the other travel wish I did not get to in 2019

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