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August 2018 Post Recap

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post recap

Last month (August 2018) I posted 15 total blog posts, slightly lower than the 21 blog posts in July 2018.

With so many posts, I thought I would start a monthly post recap to share the most viewed. I do not think I can do a weekly recap so baby steps for now.

Most viewed August 2018 posts

  1. The lamest excuses I made for not saving money – I share the 9 dumb excuses I made for not saving money especially in my 20’s when I defaulted on my loans, caved into lifestyle inflation, and watched my debt continue to skyrocket. I am paying for those mistakes to this day in my mid-30s.
  2. $77,000 student loan debt progress – I have been making some great progress thanks to taking my side hustle more seriously and getting motivated to pay off this debt. Check the link below for more info on my side hustle.
  3. Biggest lessons I learned in my side hustle – my side hustle is buying and selling sports cards. I share some of the biggest lessons I learn and continue to learn that I think many of you will be able to apply in your day to day.
  4. Worst money habits to monitor – these are the worst financial habits you can make and I experienced them all.

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