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Confessions of a Money Moron My Top 4 Guilty Pleasures

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personal finance guilty pleasures

Everyone has guilty pleasures. Whether you are struggling financially and living off paycheck to paycheck or a self professed financial guru, ninja, influencer. What are your biggest guilty pleasures?

Here are my top 4 guilty pleasures

  1. Funding my side hustle – the problem here is I was attempting to fund my side hustle through my side hustle fund, but I am not selling enough of the inventory so part of my paycheck goes towards funding my side hustle. I buy and sell sports cards. The problems I have are my fault 1) I get attached to my cards thus the excess inventory and 2) I am always looking for deals to buy cards or collections and there are always deals to be had.
  2. Designer clothes and shoes – this one is probably one of the worst to have, but I cannot help it. I love designer clothes and shoes. I do not go crazy and go on shopping sprees or buy something new every month, but there are urges.
  3. Going out to eat at work every day – I go into the office on average 4 days a week. I do not like to cook. It gets dull real quick eating PBJ sandwiches (I avoid lunch meat as much as possible) or eating chicken breasts.
  4. Checking my phone every 30 minutes – I sometimes get into this social media time suck especially Instagram and YouTube. This is wasted time because this social media time is not used to promote any of my side hustles.

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