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A Podcasting Beginner Starting the Journey to Launch a Podcast

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I have always wanted to launch a podcast, but it was hard for me to take action because the planning and execution was intimidating. I read numerous blog posts and listened to numerous personal finance and side hustling podcasts about launching a podcast. Fast forward one year later and I finally got the guts to take action.

omg my money podcast mic

I had nothing invested in launching a podcast except an idea, so what did I do? I invested some money into this project by buying a mic that comes highly recommended from many podcasters, the Samson Q2U USB microphone was less than $100. I figured if I had something invested in this project, then I would be more motivated.

Unfortunately, I tend to sit in the perfectionist camp so my first test recording session has taken 3 hours just saying, “hi, this is a test. Welcome to the podcast” about 50 times. It is getting to the point of getting it over it because a person can only have so much patience recording, stopping, deleting.

My podcast launch goal is later this month. I would appreciate the support.

omg my money podcast mic1

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