total student loan debt december update

Getting Closer to Paying off My $77,000 Student Loan Debt Payoff December Progress Update

Thanks to a variety of personal finance and side hustle podcasts, I have been motivated more than ever to pay off my student loan debt. In my 20s I defaulted on my student loans and I have been paying the price on that mistake ever since. I am now on pace to pay off my student loans a month ahead of my personal goal and pay it off entirely in February 2019. I have been…

student loan debt payoff amortization chart

My $77,000 Student Loan Debt Payoff November Progress Update

Ever since I set my student loan debt payoff goal of March 2019, I have been motivated more than ever to continue seeing my student loan debt shrink and eventually paid off. I have been paying a bit more on top of the $2,300 a month I currently pay thanks to my side hustles. Although my payoff month goal is March 2019, I am aggressively pursuing a payoff goal by the end of February 2019….

omgmymoney student loan debt payment history

My $77,000 Student Loan Debt Progress as of August 2018

I am sure you have seen the articles about how the average college graduate has a 5 figure student loan debt amount. Here is an article from CNBC for a refresher. I ended up owing a 6 figure student loan debt upon graduation and defaulted. Fast forward more than 10 years and I still owed the US Department of Education nearly $77,000 total. The minimum monthly payment on my student loan debt is $826.24. For…

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Why I Am Happy I Chose to Attend An Out of State Big 10 University

As a self professed money moron (I was and partially still am), attending an out of state college was one of my biggest financial regrets. It would not be a blog without the flipside, right? I try not to be such a negative person and when it comes to finance, you have to think beyond what happened in the past. The financial mistakes I have made in the past are sunk costs so I can…

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Getting Motivated to Accelerate Paying off My Student Loan Debt

In my 20’s I ignored my massive student loan debt and eventually went into default. One of the worst possible things financially you can do. I went into default only a few years out of college. This is the reason I started this personal finance blog. For cringeworthy money moron moments, give the post a look for a quick rundown of my financial mistakes. I experienced credit cards getting cancelled, paying a crazy interest rate on car…

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Why I Regret Going to An Out of State Big 10 University

Let me start off by saying that my regret going to a four year Big 10 college is my own doing because I was a money moron. Looking back to high school when I was coming up with a list of 4 year colleges, all I knew is I wanted to experience living on my own and to get a good undergraduate degree in Marketing. Notice anything missing from my thought process? I did not…

Top 3 Things I Would Do Differently When Applying to College

I made financial mistakes. Cringe worthy financial mistakes. Admittedly voluntary because I had no financial intelligence. Being a money moron started when I was considering college. In my previous post about the top 5 financial things to consider when applying to college, I did not fully provide my point of view. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. HERE ARE 3 THINGS I WOULD DO DIFFERENTLY WHEN CONSIDERING COLLEGE. The honest…

Top 5 Financial Considerations If Applying to a Four Year University

What I write in this post is purely from my own experiences. I am not a financial guru. I am not a financial ninja. I do not do interviews or guest posts. I am passionate about my full time job as VP, Digital Marketing. But. I am a money moron. I am here to share the mind boggling, voluntary financial mistakes I made in the past when applying to a 4 year university. The intended…

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