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I started a finance blog. Welcome to my first post

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Welcome to my finance blog. Yes, I am a money moron. Really. You should check out my future posts.

Check my about me page to get a 50,000 foot view of who the heck this money moron is.

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I am in my late 30’s. I do not have a family I support and do not have kids. I do like to spend money on my family.

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I graduated from a Big 10 school majoring in Marketing. I attended the school as an out of state university (oops….more to come on this later….!)

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I have a full time job as VP, Digital Marketing. I truly enjoy being in the digital space. I evolved from analyzing direct mail (snail mail) campaigns out of school to the position I am in now.

My career journey going from company to company is not that unusual but going from an analyst to a VP has been interesting according to some who have called me a mentor. The last 5-6 years (2012-2017) especially were interesting. Lots of learning and critical experiences. I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

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I love to learn. I listen to podcasts or audiobooks nonstop and keep it running as background noise. I enjoy learning about investing (personal, real estate) and general business (leadership, people management, critical thinking). I will share some of my favorite books and podcasts that motivated me just as recently as last month (April 2018).

I do not expect much out of this blog financially, but I do have certain expectations such as:

  • Continue learning
  • Share knowledge based on my personal experiences as a money moron
  • Provide encouragement

I intend to focus on providing finance tips, experiences, and investing tips.

Thanks for visiting and following the journey of a money moron.

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