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OMG My Favorite Personal Finance Blog Posts of the Week

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favorite posts of the week

For this week I rounded up the following blog posts that I enjoyed reading.

OMG My Money’s favorite personal finance posts of the week

  1. How to automate your money by Let’s Automate Your Money  – click here
    • My take – I am a big believer in automating your money. It is one or 10 less things to worry about. Why spend those brain cells remembering to pay yourself first or pay those bills when you can just set it and forget it. The concept of automating your money is guaranteed to help your bank account.
  2. Why we don’t follow Dave Ramsey’s baby steps by Rockstar Financeclick here
    • My take – blog post title says it all. Dave Ramsey’s podcast was one of the main drivers for motivating me to get out my money moron moments, but some of the advice he has given to people such as skipping out on your company 401k match is one I tried and now ignore.
  3. 5 ways to boost your productivity by Stumble Forwardclick here
    • My take – I try to improve every day. If it means taking a look at the productivity steps and taking action on just one for one day, then that is a success.
  4. The myth of the 10% savings rate by Stephanie O’Connellclick here
    • My take – I used to believe that a 10% savings rate was the standard because I heard this percentage somewhere and I followed it. The more financially educated I get, the more I firmly believe that saving at a 10% rate will allow you to retire at the typical 60-65 age range. We should be striving to save at least 30%, if not 40%+ AFTER TAX to be financially free. This is apart from any pre-tax retirement contributions made to your 401k. Personally I am not saving nearly as much because my primary goal right now is to pay off my $77,000 student loan debt.
  5. 101 side hustles to make extra money by Debt Roundupclick here
    • My take – ummmm, wow. No excuses to not have a side hustle. My current side hustles are 1) buying and selling sports cards, 2) thrifting, and 3) providing digital marketing consulting on an hourly basis this month (Sept 2018). Based on my level of experience, I have been charging clients anywhere from $150-300 per hour and have done better than expected. I enjoy consulting and helping others win.

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