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What Is on My Bucket List

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Very interested to know what is on your bucket list. Here are mine:

Financial Bucket List

  • Get promoted by 2020 to a higher VP level. I currently make 6 figures at my full time job as a VP, Digital Marketing and I am motivated to eventually become SVP within 5 years
  • Pay off my $34K student loan debt by June 2019
  • Contribute 20% of my income to my company’s 401K/Roth consistently after I pay off my student loan debt (begin July 2019)
  • Invest 5% of my income to my own stock and ETF portfolio after I pay off my student loan debt (begin July 2019)
  • Buy my investment property by the end of Dec 2018 – and either flip or rent
  • Consistently make at least $200 a month in my side hustles (mostly ebay for now) beginning July 2018

Personal Bucket List

  • Enroll in a part time (online) MBA program before end of Dec 2018 – my company pays for a significant amount of tuition per year and I want to take advantage. I will still need to take out lots of student loans (money moron alert?).
  • Make at least 15 posts a month on this blog beginning July 2018

Travel Bucket List 

I am not a worldly traveler and really have had no desire, so I do not have much on my travel bucket list. Am I strange? I love hiking at national parks. I will publicly admit that I have never been to New York except to fly into and drive out of JFK (driving by Yankee Stadium was awesome!). I have never been to Europe. I have only been to one country in Asia.

  • Hawaii
  • Alaskan cruise
  • Yellowstone National Park
  • Sedona, Arizona – I have been here multiple times and absolutely love it here. I want to go back.

Sports Bucket List 

I am a big sports fan.

  • World Cup – I attended the Women’s World Cup Final between USA and Japan in Vancouver. This was absolutely crazy and a blast. I guess I should also add the Men’s World Cup as well.
  • MLB World Series – I attended two games of the 2017 World Series between the Astros and Dodgers. This was a dream come true.
  • Olympics – I flew to South Korea and stayed there for 3 weeks to attend the 2017 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. This was a dream come true. I watched so many events. I guess I should add the Summer Olympics as well.
  • MLB Spring Training – I spent a couple nights in Arizona to watch some spring training games several years ago and I will eventually do this again. The scorching weather is worth it for any baseball fan.
  • MLB All Star Game – I have gone to 2 All Star Games (one in St. Louis and one in San Diego). I hope to do more within reasonable distance.
  • Any of the tennis Grand Slams – I have gone to the BNP Paribas, which some consider as the 5th Grand Slam and it is absolutely amazing.
  • Tennis Men’s Davis Cup (team tennis) – I attended the USA vs England Davis Cup matches several years ago.
  • Tennis Women’s Fed Cup (team tennis)
  • Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship
  • NFL Super Bowl
  • Men’s College Baseball World Series Championship
  • NBA Finals
  • Watch my Big 10 school in the BCS National Championship Game
  • Watch my Big 10 school in the NCAA Championship Game
  • UFC Main Event – really selective here. After hearing some great feedback of attending in person, I added this to my list. I always thought watching UFC on TV was much better because I like seeing the techniques.

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