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Journey to Launching a Podcast From Buying Equipment to Recording and Editing

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My podcasting journey continues with this post. After a year of putting off launching a podcast, my first step to launch a podcast was to feel invested.

What did I do?

I bought equipment. I bought a USB mic to use for podcasts that came highly recommended by other podcasters and it cost way under $100! Still, this amount was enough that I could not let it go to waste.

The minimalist in me starts to take over as in why clutter your house with something you do not intend to use.

So here I am now. My next step to launch a podcast was to start testing the mic, recording, and playing with the editing software. Below is a screenshot of my work in progress using a program called Audacity that, again, comes highly recommended by other podcasters. I also viewed tutorials on YouTube to understand the nuances of the program. Thank goodness for helpful people.

omg my money podcast journey editing

I underestimated how many times I would hit start, record, delete just saying the words, “hi, this is a test recording, Welcome to my podcast”.

I spent a good amount of time searching for license free, copyright free, free download tracks that I can use for an opener.

With all that comes hours playing around editing, listening to my voice over and over again, and listening to the intro track repeatedly in which I only intend to use 10 seconds max.

I have recorded a portion of my first podcast episode and hope to complete the rest of the first episode within 48 hours.

The next few podcast launch updates will cover the MP3 conversion process, creating the podcast description, signing up for a Podcast service host, and uploading the podcast episodes.

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