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September 2018 My First Side Hustle Monthly Income Report

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omg my money side hustle monthly income report

I started this blog as a personal journal because I went through some of the dumbest financial mistakes possible most notably defaulting on my $77,000 student loan debt.

Along the way my hope is that this blog will allow me to learn from others, share knowledge, encourage others, and hold myself accountable.

I enjoy my full time job and have no plans to leave. I make a good annual salary, I enjoy my team and the company culture, and I am still learning and strengthening my soft skills such as leadership, presentation, and communication especially with senior and executive leadership.

I have zero expectations on relying on this blog or any of my side hustles to allow me to leave my full time job nor is it an ambition. My side hustles are simply a way for me to get closer to financial independence.

What my monthly side hustle income report ground rules

  • Does not include salary earned from my full time job
  • Does not include any bonuses earned (annual incentive and performance bonus) from my full time job
  • Will include any income earned from my side hustles

How did I do for my September 2018 side hustle income

This is the first time I have ever summarized any of my side hustle income. Hopefully it will not be the last.

In September 2018, I made a total of $954.50 in side hustle income. I will breakdown each of my side hustles.

Digital marketing and marketing technology platform consulting income

September was the first time I have ever had industry professionals proactively reach out and ask me to provide hourly consulting services. Luckily this does not interfere with my current job. I am taking whatever consulting opportunities come to me.

I did not know how much fun it is to help others win and succeed. I really enjoy consulting.

In September 2018, I made $344.50 for 1 hr 15 min of consulting. I actually did not offer any kind of rate, rather, the people who reached out to me told me how much they would pay. The hourly rate is much higher because the company has lots of money budgeting for such services.

If you are interested in consulting services, my hourly rate is always negotiable based on needs and wants. Contact me here.

Credit card marketing and credit related consulting income

This one is a new one that a company proactively reached out to me. I have many years experience working in the financial services industry and started consulting for this company every month.

In September 2018, I made a total of $280 in this category.

Blog and article related services and advertising income

This is an area in which I do not expect much. Whatever comes my way as an opportunity, I will explore. I have a few sites that I built, but they really do not make anything at all unless you count an average of $1 a month something. Basically I make nothing from ads so all of the money is from other blog related services.

In September 2018, I made a total of $70.59 in this category.

Buying and selling income – sports cards and clothing

Sports cards have been my main side hustle for….forever. Buying and selling clothes aka thrift shopping started this year when I needed something productive to do while going on business trips. All the cities I visited had one thing in common, they all had thrift shops and there was always a variety.

In September 2018, I made a total profit of $259.41. All of this came from sports cards. Clothing sales were slow, but I made all my money back on two pieces of clothing and still have 30+ pieces to sell. What I sell from the 30+ will be pure profit going forward. I have a couple business trips coming up in October and November so that just means more thrifting!

September 2018 side hustle income total: $954.50

Consulting: $624.50

Blog related services and ads: $70.59

Buying and selling: $259.41

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