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One of the Best Ways to Get An Extra Income

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What are your favorite side hustling gigs? I would love to explore new side hustle ideas outside of ebay or similar resell ideas.

I have a side gig of buying and selling sports trading cards. Well, it is not so much a gig as it is a hobby. Here too is another money moron mistake I am making to this day.

I get attached to my sports cards because it reminds me of the 90’s when these sports cards were out of reach to a high school kid. Now that I am making some money, I hold on to these cards longer than I should. When I buy a collection, there are cards that I do not care about and thus I end of flipping.

Below is a result of the ebay side hustle for the last 60 days. There is about a 30% average profit margin.

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As for my current student debt situation. I currently pay $2,000 a month on my $34K student loan debt. At this rate I am expected to pay off the entire debt Dec 2019. My goal starting this month (July 2018) is to add an extra $200 a month through my ebay side hustle to make it $2,200 a month.

Small steps.

Eventually I am aiming to pay $3,000 a month to accelerate paying off student loan debt.

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