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Book Recap Series: How to Invest in Real Estate by Brandon Turner, Joshua Dorkin

These book recap series posts are simply my way of jotting down important takeaways fromRead More…

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Podcast Episode 4 My Investment Buckets, Side Hustling, and Alternative Investment Strategy That Relies On Sports Cards

Podcast, Side Hustling, Sports Cards

I wanted to give an introduction to my overall investment approach and start digging intoRead More…

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Podcast Episode 3 My Sports Cards Journey and A Glimpse Into Sports Cards As An Alternative Investment

Podcast, Side Hustling, Sports Cards

Sports cards has played an integral part of my personal life both as a hobby,Read More…

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Sports Cards Buy Low and Flip or Buy For Going Rate and Set New Price Standards

General Investing, Sports Cards

An instagram follower asked if it is better to buy low and sell high orRead More…

invest in 401k or invest in sports cards

Are Sports Cards an Alternative to 401k or Roth IRA Investing

General Investing, Sports Cards

An instagram follower, @nickscards, recently asked if sports cards are a legitimate alternative investment toRead More…

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Why I Choose Sports Cards As My Main Alternative Investment

General Investing, Side Hustling, Sports Cards

To start I want to clarify that I do not classify real estate as partRead More…

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OMG Favorite Personal Finance Blog Posts of the Week Featuring Debt Experience vs Debt Knowledge, Procrastination, and Ego

Personal Finance, Recommendations

For this week I rounded up the following blog posts that I enjoyed reading. OMGRead More…

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The 7 Best Secrets to Retire Early

Budgeting, General Investing, Personal Finance

If you have not yet retired, what are some money secrets you follow to striveRead More…