omg my money podcast journey editing

Journey to Launching a Podcast From Buying Equipment to Recording and Editing


My podcasting journey continues with this post. After a year of putting off launching aRead More…

omg my money podcast journey

A Podcasting Beginner Starting the Journey to Launch a Podcast


I have always wanted to launch a podcast, but it was hard for me toRead More…

small businesses can stand out

How Your Small Business Can Stand Out from Your Competitors

Side Hustling

I am very excited to have this guest post from Marissa Perez, a writer focusedRead More…

A Look Back One Year Later After Paying Off My $77,000 Student Loan Debt and Becoming Debt Free

Budgeting, General Investing, Personal Finance, Student Loan Debt

Over a year ago, I became debt free by paying off my massive $77,000 studentRead More…

debt avalanche debt payoff method

How The Debt Avalanche Method Can Help to Pay Off Your Debts

Budgeting, Credit Card Debt, Personal Finance, Student Loan Debt

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sports cards buy low sell high

Sports Cards Buy Low and Flip or Buy For Going Rate and Set New Price Standards

General Investing, Sports Cards

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staying motivated to pay off debt

How I Stayed Motivated To Pay Off My Massive Student Loan Debt

Personal Finance, Student Loan Debt

During my journey to pay off my massive student loan debt, the toughest thing forRead More…

keeping track of cost sales profit

How To Keep Track of Sales, Costs, and Profit

Side Hustling, Sports Cards

An instagram follower, @likemikecards, asked how do you keep track of profit. I like thisRead More…

gary vaynerchuk belief about sports cards

My Take On The Gary Vaynerchuk Belief That Sports Cards Will Explode

General Investing, Sports Cards

The Gary Vaynerchuk aka GaryVee post I am referencing is this one. Let me startRead More…

student loan debt fully paid off

How I Paid My $77,000 Student Loan Debt

Budgeting, Personal Finance, Student Loan Debt

$76,524.22 was the exact student loan debt amount I fully paid off. I wanted toRead More…

invest in 401k or invest in sports cards

Are Sports Cards an Alternative to 401k or Roth IRA Investing

General Investing, Sports Cards

An instagram follower, @nickscards, recently asked if sports cards are a legitimate alternative investment toRead More…

traditional investments vs non traditional aka alternative investments

Why I Choose Sports Cards As My Main Alternative Investment

General Investing, Side Hustling, Sports Cards

To start I want to clarify that I do not classify real estate as partRead More…

sports cards neon sign

What Sports Cards Means To Me Financially and Mentally

General Investing, Sports Cards

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personal finance niche down

3 Reasons I am Niche-ing Down On This Personal Finance Blog

Marketing Tips, Personal Finance

I recently decided to niche down on my personal finance blog. I started this blogRead More…

omgmymoney student loans fully paid off

My $77,000 Student Loans Are Fully Paid Off After Defaulting!

I fully paid off $77,000 ($76,524.22 to be exact) in student loans! If you wantRead More…

not saving money excuses

5 Dumb Excuses I Made For Not Saving Money

I made some dumb financial mistakes in my 20s such as defaulting on my studentRead More…

0% financing things to watch out for

7 Tips About Using 0% Financing from a Credit Card Marketer

Budgeting, Credit Card Debt, Personal Finance

I am sure most of you have come across a 0% financing offer typically whenRead More…

total student loan debt december update

Getting Closer to Paying off My $77,000 Student Loan Debt Payoff December Progress Update

Budgeting, College Financing, Personal Finance, Student Loan Debt

Thanks to a variety of personal finance and side hustle podcasts, I have been motivatedRead More…

side hustle make more money

7 Reasons You Should Have a Side Hustle to Make Extra Money

Personal Finance, Side Hustling

Having a side hustle to make more money is a great way to achieve yourRead More…

free annual credit report

Pull Your Free Annual Credit Report Before the End of the Year

Credit Card Debt, Personal Finance

  This is a public service announcement and reminder to pull one of your creditRead More…