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3 Reasons I am Niche-ing Down On This Personal Finance Blog

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I recently decided to niche down on my personal finance blog.

I started this blog last year to motivate others, hold myself accountable, and share my stories as I was going through my debt payoff journey.

I am 100% debt free and when that happened, my motivation to keep going with this blog went away. I do appreciate the community who encouraged me throughout the journey.

I wrote down a goal to re-start my personal finance blog with a few additional twists that might or might not resonate with each of you.

3 Reasons I Am Niche-ing Down

  1. No identity: my personal finance blog was getting lost with the thousands of other personal finance blogs. I am an avid researcher so I would notice the same topics and same content. Just look at this list by Modest Money. As I was thinking of topics to write, I would identify similar topics and put my spin and experience to the topic. Although this helped me to continue writing for a few months, ultimately this routine got old and I could not tell if I was truly providing added value. The change: although I will continue writing about personal finance, I will start talking about the hobby I love so much, sports cards, more frequently.
  2. No targeted audience: I started this blog so it targets a general audience. The issue there is that it becomes very difficult to get any traction because as said above, you get lost in the shuffle. The change: In the sports cards industry, I see a lot of younger members who are very good at making deals, buying and selling, and reinvesting into other sports cards. However, I do not see them being financially smart for the long term. I hope to educate especially the younger sports cards community about personal finance through my experiences and others.
  3. No long term planning: it was overwhelming to think about this blog long term mainly because my audience was everyone. That is just not smart. You need to find a niche and then this expands to other opportunities. I have a couple other sites that is quite niche and I have had very good success. The change: with my refocus on personal finance geared towards the sports cards community, I have plans to expand into podcasting.

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