sports cards buy low sell high

Sports Cards Buy Low and Flip or Buy For Going Rate and Set New Price Standards

An instagram follower asked if it is better to buy low and sell high or buy at the going rate (market value) and set new pricing standards. The obvious answer is to buy low and sell high. But let’s think this one through. Anyone who is in the sports cards hobby for money will prioritize buying low and selling high. This is part of the investment strategy just like you do with stocks. Similar parallels….

keeping track of cost sales profit

How To Keep Track of Sales, Costs, and Profit

An instagram follower, @likemikecards, asked how do you keep track of profit. I like this question because asking this means you are thinking about sports cards like a business and for many, sports cards is a part time business. Although sports cards are primarily a hobby for me, it is also a side hustle to make extra income. Personally I keep track of my sales, costs, and profits diligently. I use old fashioned Microsoft Excel…

gary vaynerchuk belief about sports cards

My Take On The Gary Vaynerchuk Belief That Sports Cards Will Explode

The Gary Vaynerchuk aka GaryVee post I am referencing is this one. Let me start by saying that I am a fan of Gary’s. His career journey especially over the past 15+ years is incredible and inspirational. As a full time digital marketer, I experienced the digital evolution of what was happening from the mid-2000s to today. Because of this I believe Gary is a visionary especially when it comes to the digital world. I…

invest in 401k or invest in sports cards

Are Sports Cards an Alternative to 401k or Roth IRA Investing

An instagram follower, @nickscards, recently asked if sports cards are a legitimate alternative investment to 401k investing. This is a great question because I know from talking with many in the sports cards community that some will forego the 401k or roth IRA in order to put that money back into sports cards. I hope I can make my message clear to the sports cards community. Please do not replace any retirement accounts whether it…

traditional investments vs non traditional aka alternative investments

Why I Choose Sports Cards As My Main Alternative Investment

To start I want to clarify that I do not classify real estate as part of my alternative investment class. Many readers of this blog will most likely relate more to the tangible non traditional assets. These assets include antiques, art, wine, jewelry, precious metals (gold, silver), coins, and sports cards. I would never put money into these alternative investments until I have first focused on traditional assets such as stocks and bonds. In terms…

sports cards neon sign

What Sports Cards Means To Me Financially and Mentally

In my previous post, I mentioned 3 reasons to niche down on this personal finance blog. Unlike the sports cards blogs out there that talk in depth about the hobby, my focus for the new direction in this blog is to combine my two passions for personal finance and sports cards. Sports cards are my favorite way to make extra income and this hobby has kept my financial portfolio and net worth a bit more…

personal finance niche down

3 Reasons I am Niche-ing Down On This Personal Finance Blog

I recently decided to niche down on my personal finance blog. I started this blog last year to motivate others, hold myself accountable, and share my stories as I was going through my debt payoff journey. I am 100% debt free and when that happened, my motivation to keep going with this blog went away. I do appreciate the community who encouraged me throughout the journey. I wrote down a goal to re-start my personal…

financial planning 2018

How I Planned My Biggest Side Hustle Expense in 2018

I started planning for a major expense planned earlier this month (August 2018) to support my side hustle of buying and selling sports cards. Every year an annual sports card show takes place called The National Sports Collector Convention. 2017 was the first year I had gone to “The National” in more than 8 years so it was more about gaining the experience of attending a huge show and interacting with the big dogs who…

side hustle lessons learned

5 Lessons I Learned While Buying and Selling Sports Cards

In a previous post, I shared my passion hobby. Buying and selling sports cards serves as my primary money making side hustle. I started collecting sports cards back in the 90s thanks to my dad. I then went in and out of the hobby until I went to college. I took out student loans to fund my entire Big 10 education. What do you get when you take out student loans and you are a…

sports cards buy sell side hustle

Sports Cards Buying and Selling Is My Passion Hobby and Side Hustle

I am always fascinated and interested to learn more about other people’s passion hobbies whether that hobby makes money or not as well as side hustles. For example, a colleague of mine has a hobby of taking improv classes, which I found so interesting. It is a creative outlet with no intention of turning this hobby into a side hustle. Totally fine and open minded about that. Please share your passion hobby or money making…

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