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Interview with Ron, Founder of a 27,000 Member Facebook Sports Cards Scammers Group and How $25 Saved Countless Number of Collectors

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I’m very excited to share interviews conducted with several sports cards hobbyists, enthusiasts, champions, and hustlers. Check out the entire interview series at the bottom of this page and let’s all learn, improve, inspire, and collaborate.

interview with ron founder of the most popular facebook sports cards scammers page

Today, I bring to you Ron, known as a 2011 Topps Football super collector and founder of the most popular Facebook sports cards scammers page with almost 27,000 members. Ron can be found at https://2011toppsfootball.com/. Instagram is @2011_topps and Facebook is http://facebook.com/2011topps/.

Tell me a bit about your background, any other hobbies/interests

What is your sports card background, how are you involved today, why start the Facebook sports cards scammers group?

  • I collected baseball cards as a kid, but when MLB went on strike in the early 90’s, I got out of baseball. Around 2011, I picked up a random pack of football cards from Walmart, and the obsession kicked in again.
  • I run the Sports Cards Scammers Exposed private group on Facebook with a couple friends of mine, which has really allowed me to get involved in this hobby a lot more. I get to meet a ton of people and make a ton of new friends.  
  • The Facebook scammers page would be the biggest contribution to the sports cards community I have made. Someone scammed me out of $25 when I wanted to buy two cards for my set. That’s what started the page. 

How do you stay motivated, what keeps you going or excited in this hobby

  • Staying motivated is hard at times, but there’s a huge following of my collection and the members help me stay on the right path towards completion. Seeing the way people rally to help amazes me. Finding cards that I need keep me motivated too.
  • For me, I’m not really in the hobby to profit. The friendships and help are honestly enough for me. I would mainly like to just see us all come together more and try to help each other out, not just with cards, but life.

I hope you found some helpful nuggets in this interview. My goal is to help the community because we can all be more open minded.

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